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philocalist. chaotic good. armchair survivalist. fangirl. ravenclaw. herbivore. mixologist. my favorite word is apothecary. i am becoming myself.

the donna to my doctor

the alfred to my batman
  • blustery weather: check.
  • thermal-style shirt from the men's department at target: check.
  • mug of steamy tea: check
  • must be fall.
  • <3
gettin all Alfredy Hitchcock up in here.

gettin all Alfredy Hitchcock up in here.

Minecraft Planning Commision.

Minecraft Planning Commision.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but at least I didn’t just give Steven Moffat an Emmy

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>teenage actress’s private nudes get leaked

>teenage actress is reviled as a slut and a whore and a bad role model

>james franco asks a seventeen-year-old girl if he can meet her in a private hotel room

>james franco gets to go on saturday night live and joke about what a silly doofus he is for soliciting sex from a girl literally half his age


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i don’t know why everyone makes the grim reaper out to be a bad guy i mean he’s just taking to you to the afterlife it’s not like he killed you it’s actually quite nice of him to walk you there imagine if you had to go alone

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im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like ‘ew what is that girl wearing’ and then remember that im supposed to be positive about all things and then think ‘no she can wear what she wants, fuck what other people say damn girl u look fabulous’ and im just a teeny bit hypocritical tbh

I was always taught by my mother, That the first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are.

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